Thursday, January 6, 2011

Mitch Daniels a Smart and Effective GOP Leader

Nick Gillespie, Reason
Nick Gillespie | January 5, 2011From a flattering profile of GOP Indiana Gov.Mitch Daniels, who once upon a time ran the Hudson Institute andwas in the Bush admin of all places:Mr. Daniels, who took office in 2005, has reduced the number ofstate workers by 18 percent and held spending growth belowinflation. He has raised the sales tax to help make up for aproperty tax cut. Largely as a result, Indiana finds itself inbetter fiscal shape than many other states....He says he avoids using the phrase "waste, fraud and abuse"�because "it's too glib ""...


Pingree, Chellie Pitts, Joseph R. Platts, Todd Russell Poe, Ted

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